Private Medikar Hospital Urology Department provides high service standards with its technology and applications and aims to solve all patients’ problems by providing them with an accurate, fast and reliable diagnosis and treatment.
The Urology Department of our Hospital was established to fill the medical deficiency by taking into account the needs of the regionDiagnosis and treatment of gynecologic, male, female and pediatric urology diseases are performed by specialized physicians, experienced nurses and up-to-date medical equipment.
Areas of Interest of the Department of Urology:
– Radical Prostatectomy (for Prostate Cancer),
– Urological Oncology Surgeries (Kidney, Testicular Cancer etc.),
– Laparoscopic Kidney Surgery (Kidney Tumor, Kidney Cyst etc.)
– Prostate Cancer Screening,
– Ultrasound Guided Prostate Biopsy
– Treatment of Prostate Infections,
– Treatment of Bladder Infections,
– Prostate and Bladder TUR Surgeries (with Plasmacinetic Technology), prostate surgery can be performed with Red Light Laser (Diode Laser) in our Hospital.
– Urinary Incontinence Surgeries in Women, TOT and TVT Surgeries
– Stone Crushing with ESWL,
– Open and Closed Stone Surgery (Ureterorenoscopy, Flexible Ureterorenoscopy, Percutaneous Kidney Stone Surgery),
– Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Men,
– Male Infertility,
– Loss of Erectile Function in Men (Impotence) and Penile Prosthesis Surgery
– Flexible Ureterorenoscopy,
– Holmium Laser Therapy (Treatment of stones in the kidney, ureter and bladder)
– Closed Kidney Surgery,
– Uroflow, Urodynamics (Urinary Incontinence Complaint and Treatment Seen in Men and Women of All Ages),
– Urethral Stenosis Operations
– Cystoscopy (Flexible)
– Pediatric Urology (Undescended Testis, Night Wetting, Hypospadias, Hydrocele, Cord Cyst, Circumcision etc.).

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