The thing to remember in the diet is that it is not healthy to lose weight quickly. The important thing is to lose weight slowly, regularly and healthily. For this, personalized diet programs are applied. Going on a diet unconsciously puts the person’s disease even more at risk. Diet is personal. Diet and exercise equipment is promoted daily on television in various health programs. However, since the diet is related to the person’s constitution, it may not have the same effect on everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the diet with the advice of a specialized dietitian.

Our Medikar Hospital Nutrition and Dietitian will support you in healthy nutrition and weight loss by applying for personalized programs.

Preventive Nutrition

Childhood nutrition

Adolescent nutrition

Nutrition during pregnancy

Therapeutic Nutrition

Heart Diseases

Diabetes mellitus (Diabetes) – Gestational Diabetes

Gout Disease

Urinary Tract and Kidney Stones

Kidney Disease




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