Private Medikar Hospital Internal Diseases Department serves our patients with a wide range of diseases that concern internal organs. Our Internal Diseases Department provides emergency, outpatient and inpatient diagnosis and treatment services, including preoperative evaluation. Our primary goal is to ensure that treatment is not interrupted by providing uninterrupted service. In particular, the department meets consultation requests from other departments and carries out the follow-up and treatment of inpatients. Within the scope of outpatient clinic services, periodic follow-up and control of diseases such as hypertension that require follow-up are carried out, and if necessary, additional tests are performed immediately in our laboratory, and the treatment scheme is changed. In case of kidney failure that develops over time in inpatients, treatment can be applied to our patients as soon as possible thanks to the “hemodialysis unit” within our hospital. Our Internal Diseases Specialists are also involved in the pre-operative evaluation of all patients and inpatient consultations.
Diseases that the Department of Internal Diseases is interested in:
– Diabetes Mellitus (diabetes),
– Coronary Heart Disease,
– Cholesterol,
– Lung Diseases,
– Kidney and Urinary Tract Diseases,
– Gastrointestinal and Intestinal System Diseases and Urinary Infections,
– Liver and biliary tract diseases (hepatitis etc.),
– Cancer Diseases,
– Respiratory Diseases and Infections,
– Lymph Gland Diseases,
– Immune System Diseases,
– Allergy,
– Anemias (Anemia) and Blood Diseases,
– Bone Resorption (Osteoporosis),
· Check Up,
– Rheumatic Diseases,
– Healthy Aging, Geriatric problems related to old age,
– Obesity, Weight Control,
– Metabolic Syndrome,
– Cardio-Metabolic Risk Reduction,
– Diagnosis, Treatment and Monitoring of Hypertension,
– Thyroid and Glandular Diseases.

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