Our motto is the correct address, right team, right diagnosis, proper treatment and right care …. Today, the essential rule for providing better and quality service to patients in the field of General Surgery is to work as a team in the light of scientific and technological developments. In our hospital, the General Surgery department aims to serve Karabük and its surroundings with its experienced team based on scientific foundations and catching the day in a team spirit in health services. Our primary goals are understanding patients’ problems and finding the most appropriate solutions in a sincere, peaceful and friendly environment. In line with this goal, in addition to general surgery applications, the treatments of diseases not performed in Karabük and its surroundings and, therefore, patients must go to big centres will now be among our hospital’s services. Minimally invasive surgery (closed or minor incision surgeries) methods currently used in General Surgery will also be applied in our clinic. Today, many diseases related to the gastrointestinal system can be diagnosed earlier with endoscopic applications (gastroscopy, colonoscopy). For this purpose, Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal System endoscopies will be widely used both diagnostically and interventional (biopsy etc.) in the General Surgery Clinic. One of the most critical stages of treating General Surgery patients is the patient’s return to their old life as soon as possible after surgery. The application of up-to-date diagnostic, treatment and follow-up methods will enable rapid diagnosis and selection of the most appropriate treatment and follow-up.
Diseases Treated and Diagnosed in Medikar Hospital General Surgery Department
Endocrine Surgery
o Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of thyroid diseases – Goiter – Thyroid cancers – Thyroiditis
o Parathyroid diseases
o Adrenal (adrenal gland) diseases –
Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of breast diseases
o Mastodynia (breast pain)
o Breast cysts
o Fibroadenoma
o Breast cancer (treatments including Breast Conserving Surgery) –
Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of Upper Gastrointestinal System diseases
o Esophagus diseases
o Reflux disease (Reflux surgeries)
o Stomach diseases (stomach cancer etc.) –
Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of colon, rectum and anus diseases
o Colorectal tumours (cancer of the large intestine)
o Hemorrhoids
o Anal fissure, fistula, etc.
o Inflammatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis etc.) –
Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of hepatobiliary system (liver and biliary tract) diseases
o Liver cysts and tumours
o Gallbladder and biliary tract diseases
o Pancreatic diseases –
Hernia surgeries
o Umbilical and inguinal hernia surgeries
o Postoperative hernia surgeries –
Minimally Invasive Surgery (Closed or minor incision surgeries)
o Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (Gallbladder)
o Laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication (Gastric hernia and reflux)
o Laparoscopic appendectomy
o Laparoscopic colectomy (large bowel surgery)
o Laparoscopic inguinal and umbilical hernia
o Laparoscopic incisional hernia (Postoperative hernias)
o Laparoscopic obesity surgery
o Laparoscopic adrenal (adrenal gland) surgeries
Emergency surgical diseases
Surgical and endoscopic treatment of obesity
Minor surgical interventions with local anaesthesia
Endoscopic diagnosis, treatment and follow-up
o Gastroscopy
o Colonoscopy (Polypectomy etc.)
o Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (Endoscopic feeding tube insertion)
o Stomach Botox

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