Private Medikar Hospital Hemodialysis Center is designed to provide the best health care service in all matters that renal failure patients will need with its expert staff and all its knowledge and is structured to work in complete coordination with other branches of our hospital.
Private Medikar Hospital serves our hemodialysis patients with its expert staff and state-of-the-art technological equipment. In our hospital, our patients’ problems are dealt with the fastest way with expert teams, each of whom will solve all the problems faced by our hemodialysis patients due to kidney failure.
The Hemodialysis Centre has been created by considering all the details necessary for the comfort of our patients as well as providing the best health service to our patients. Our 37+1 bed capacity halls provide service with Gambro AK96 and Fresenius haemodialysis devices that can instantly show dialysis adequacy and measure Kt/V, and Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C rooms designed to be separate from other patients.
Our patient beds are designed with the comfort of our patients in mind, and our headphones and LCD televisions are aimed to make your session more quality.
We offer breakfast, lunch and cold hot drinks for our patients and their companions. Our patients’ meals are prepared under a dietician’s control and served under a physician’s supervision.
In case of problems related to vascular access, which is critical in hemodialysis treatment, or in case of AV fistula/catheter needs, all necessary medical interventions can be performed by our experienced KVC specialists and under the supervision of anesthesiologists.
Any bacteria in the hemodialysis system is a potential danger to patients. With this in mind, our technical teams regularly check our water system and analyse water samples by the institutions recommended by the Ministry of Health. The water system is the Gambro Online system, and the dialysis water produced is transferred directly to the patient treatment without waiting and without using a water tank, thus eliminating the possibility of infection due to dialysis water.
In case of need, we provide transfers of our patients with modern, equipped and comfortable service vehicles and full-fledged ambulances.
In our hemodialysis centre; 1 dialysis-certified Internal Diseases Specialist; 1 dialysis-certified General Practitioner, 1 Specialist Psychologist, 1 Dietician, and 9 dialysis-certified Nurses and Technicians.
Dialysis, an artificial blood purification machine developed to remove harmful substances and fluids from the body due to kidney failure, has increased the duration and quality of life when used on humans. In this way, the process of cleaning the blood by connecting to the dialysis machine is called hemodialysis.
This method is still widely practised in countries all over the world. When urgent treatment is needed for renal failure, hemodialysis is the only treatment option available today.

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