Private Medikar Hospital, Medical Biochemistry Laboratory, continues to work following the Ministry of Health Laboratory Service Quality Standards. We aim to contribute to our patient’s medical diagnosis, treatment and care process by providing the most accurate results in the shortest time.
It is based on providing the most accurate information by respecting patient rights with a forward-looking quality service approach. Tests are carried out with the most accurately traceable and repeatable methods and the least error.

Combining the latest laboratory and information technologies with qualified employees to achieve the high quality of analysis it aims for, the tests carried out in our laboratory are multi-stage and are controlled most sensitively with internal and external quality controls.

Private Medikar Hospital Medical Biochemistry Laboratory works with an approach that aims to perform all the test procedures that will come from inside and outside our hospital with its comprehensive structure that it has reached thanks to its devices with a wide examination panel.

In addition, by following the current developments in the medical literature on every subject related to Biochemistry, he presents new methods to our patients and doctors and provides them with “scientific consultancy”.

Areas of Interest of the Biochemistry Laboratory:

– Routine Biochemistry Tests (Enzyme, Electrolyte-Mineral, Lipid etc.),
– Hematology,
– Hormone and Tumor Marker Investigations,
– Coagulation Tests,
– Vitamin Tests,
– Allergy tests,
– Autoantibodies,
– Drug and Toxic Substance Investigations,
– Warning Tests,
– Screening Tests,
– Urine and Other Body Fluid Analysis,
– Serological tests (Hepatitis-HIV, Specific Proteins, etc.),
– Blood Gases,
– Serum Protein etc.

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