Radiology is a branch of medicine that covers sound waves, x-rays and other imaging methods used for diagnostic purposes.
Private Medikar Hospital Radiology Department provides service to our patients with its expert physicians and experienced auxiliary staff by gathering the most advanced high-tech radiological devices under its roof.
Our radiology specialists perform diagnostic procedures such as general radiology, ultrasonography, doppler ultrasonography, mammography, magnetic resonance imaging, panoramic X-ray, and some interventional procedures.
In the Radiology Department of our hospital, all radiological procedures are performed with modern and high-tech devices in all emergency, outpatient clinics, intensive care, operating room and inpatient departments 24/7. The results of the examinations are also prepared as soon as possible, thus accelerating our patients’ diagnosis and treatment process.
Diagnosis and Treatment Devices Used in Radiology Department:
– Magnetic Resonance (MRI):
– Computed Tomography (CT):
– Ultrasonography (USG) and Doppler Ultrasonography:
– Mammography:
– Digital X-ray:
– 4D Ultrasonography (USG):
– PACS (Image archiving and communication system)
– Whole body bone densitometry device


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