Obtains the opinions and thoughts of all patients and their relatives who receive service from our hospital about our hospital. It evaluates all the opinions reported with the support of the relevant unit managers to improve our service quality. After the evaluation, they returned to the patient, who reported to the department about the plans made and the results. Your thanks and positive comments are shared with everyone and every unit and web page where you specify your name or department, as well as with the supervisors of the personnel you thanked.
Our Patient Rights and Relations Department and all relevant senior managers are interested in your complaints and negative opinions for solution purposes. The Patient Rights and Relations Department contributes to your satisfaction and the development of our hospital with your contributions.
Private Medikar Hospital Patient Rights & Relations Department to report your thanks, suggestions or complaints: You can send an e-mail to gorusleriniz@medikarhastanesi.com via the Internet or send a letter to our postal address,
Our mailing address
Private Medikar Hospital Patient Rights & Relations Unit Üniversite Mah. Şehit Ateşe Reşat Moralı Bulvarı No:7 KARABÜK
You can fill out survey forms or suggestion/complaint/thank you forms on the floors and in the waiting rooms,
or you can leave them in the suggestion/complaint/thank you boxes.
You can request a face-to-face meeting with the Patient Rights and Relations Specialist or make a phone call.
The office is on the ground floor and is open from 08:00/17:30 on weekdays and 08:00/14:15 on Saturdays (12:00-13:00 is lunch break).
If you want to reach by phone, you can use 444 70 78 / Extension: 1118
Email: gorusleriniz@medikarhastanesi.com
Patient Rights and Relations Unit
Thank you.