Private Medikar Hospital Dermatology Department,

Dermatology diagnoses and treats skin, hair, nails, body entrance gates (such as the oral mucosa) and venereal diseases. The dermatology department of our hospital offers high-quality healthcare services for our patients with its experienced staff and advanced technology devices.

All skin diseases are diagnosed and treated by our specialists in our dermatology department.
Which diseases are diagnosed and treated in the Dermatology Department?

  • Acne
  • Hair Diseases
  • Fungal Diseases of the Skin (Diagnosis, treatment and preventive measures for fungal diseases of the trunk, groin, scalp and feet)
  • Nail Diseases (Fungal diseases of the nail, nail colour changes, fractures and treatment of nail thickening and ingrowth)
  • Allergic Skin Diseases (Treatment and investigation of the causes of hives (urticaria), Treatment of drug rashes, Treatment of “atopic eczema” in infants and pediatric patients, Treatment of contact allergies (contact dermatitis), Sun allergy and treatment
  • Parasitic Diseases of the Skin (Treatment of lice and scabies)
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Syphilis and treatment of warts and herpes in the sexual area)
  • Skin Cancers
  • Psoriasis
  • Viral rash diseases of the skin (such as herpes and shingles)
  • Diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of moles
  • Spot treatment (Treatment of spots that occur after childbirth or due to sun exposure)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of other skin diseases (itching, calluses, mouth sores, Behcet’s disease, dandruff on the face and scalp, diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic skin diseases)

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