Welcome to Medikar

Private Medikar Hospital is a fully equipped health centre in the centre of the Western Black Sea, serving in all branches.

With an indoor area of 22080 m², Medikar Hospital’s architectural, medical and technical equipment has been designed and implemented as a model for the world as a result of meticulous preliminary research.

Medical technological devices installed in operating rooms, delivery rooms, intensive care units, imaging and diagnostic centres, medical treatment units and emergency units enable Medikar Hospital physicians to admit, diagnose and treat complex cases. In this regard, our people living in Karabük and neighbouring provinces can be treated at Medikar Hospital without moving away from their region.

Our hospital has 37 intensive care beds, 32 observation beds, 92 ward beds and 37 dialysis beds.

  Attentive medical follow-up and hotel comfort are intertwined in intensive care units and patient rooms.
Medikar Hospital laboratories are equipped with up-to-date equipment used in equivalent centres worldwide
to provide accurate results quickly and contribute to patients’ diagnosis, treatment and care processes.

Private Medikar Hospital has 5 operating rooms, a 7-bed Internal Intensive Care Unit, 11 incubator Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a 5-bed Coronary Intensive Care Unit, a 7-bed Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit, a 7-bed Surgical Intensive Care Unit, 3 delivery rooms and a dialysis centre with 37+1 devices. In addition, our hospital has a 24-hour Emergency Service and ambulance service.

All employees of Medikar Hospital aim to provide quality healthcare services to all segments of society with the understanding of a “friendly hand reaching out to health” and work without compromising medical ethics and principles. Medikar Hospital aims to be the leading hospital in Turkey with all these features.

Your health is your comfort and freedom. Your health is safe at Medikar.

We are here to offer you all our services without compromising medical ethics and general social principles, using the latest possibilities of medical technology, diagnosis and treatment methods, with our expert team, with an understanding that prioritises people, respects patient rights, is sensitive to the environment, prioritises patient and employee safety, and with devotion and love, to extend our friendly hand to you, to be the best health institution in the region and the country.”

Medikar Hospital, which is the leading hospital in the Western Black Sea Region, will continue to offer you quality, innovative, reliable health services with its expert, experienced healthcare personnel and the latest technology and medical devices, without compromising medical ethics and general social principles, with the understanding of “A Friendly Hand Reaching for Health” and “Health is a Right for Everyone”, and will succeed in becoming a pioneering, reliable, reference and leading health institution of its region and our country.”

Our Core Values


Our Unchanged Values at Medikar Hospital;

Our core value is to provide health services at specific standards in a way that is easily accessible to everyone to meet the health-related needs of individuals and ensure that they can lead a healthier life; to raise awareness of society and improve our team through continuous training.

All our employees consider it their duty to provide patients and their relatives with modern health care services within humanitarianism and scientific principles, with friendliness, interest, love, compassion and respect, and to inform them in an understandable and polite language at every stage.
In line with our Unconditional Patient Satisfaction principle, the satisfaction of patients and their relatives who receive services from Medikar Hospital is systematically monitored, and the results obtained are evaluated to improve the quality of services further.
In our hospital, the confidentiality of the patient’s private and family life is not touched except in cases permitted by law and medical necessities. Patients’ race, language, religion and sect, gender, political opinion, philosophical belief, economic and social status and other differences are not considered.

We do not carry commercial concerns in our relations with our patients and do not create mechanisms where the patient will make unnecessary payments.

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